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Your Outdoor Adventure Checklist

Gear up for your next adventure with an assortment of Mira tumblers, jars, bottles, and more. Pack less, adventure more! Click on your favorite and grab your favorite product🏕

 📍Adventure 1: Waterfall

orange reusable water bottle

If you are stopping at a waterfall in Hawaii, throughout the US, or another tropical vacation be sure to bring your Mira Bottle along with you. It's a lightweight, plane-approved, BPA free, and double-wall insulated reusable water bottle. Perfect for your waterfall destination. 

 📍Adventure 2: Mountain Hike

Water bottle, Sierra, rockies, mountain backpacking

 Your next trip to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, or any National Park would not be complete without a reusable water bottle to keep your drinks cold and refreshing. Tie up your hiking boots and get adventuring with our colorful twist top Sierra Bottles. 

 📍Adventure 3: Paddle Boarding Adventure

paddleboarding, ocean, paddle boarding Hawaii, paddle boarding Thailand
Paddle Boarding for the first time in California, Hawaii, Thailand, or beyond? Be sure to bring along a reusable H2O bottle for your trip. Take a refreshing sip of cold water while you are site seeing. 

📍Adventure 4: Outdoor Scenic Picnic
Oregon bend, scenic nature views US
Prepare for your next scenic picnic date, solo adventure, or after work sunset stop with your favorite beverage. Pack some iced coffee, hot coffee, tea, or refreshing cold water and enjoy the views for hours. 

📍Adventure 5: Lake Day
toddlers, kids, lake day, lake activities
Liquids are essential on your lake day checklist for your kids. Bring along the perfect size reusable plastic-free water bottle and keep them hydrated from morning to night!

📍Adventure 6: Camping Trip Morning Coffee
Wake up to your hot morning coffee with one of our coffee servers with wide mouth. Camping is never complete without a nice morning cup of joe! Easy to serve and enjoy with a handle and a leak proof sleek design. 

 📍Adventure 7: Playground Playdate 
Never leave for the park without a yummy lunch packed for your kids! With colorful designs, your kids will love to eat their favorite meals on the go. These food storage containers/ jars are a playground essential. 
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