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      A Unique Gift For Mom

      A Unique Gift For Mom

      Looking for a unique and personalized gift for your mom? We have the answer!


      2020 is all about personalized gifts. Our insulated Tumblers can be customized with a funny or sweet message that's perfect for your mom. These stainless steel vacuum insulated Tumblers are great for keeping drinks hot or cold for hours! 


      For our wine lovers, we recommend the 12 oz Wine Cups:

      For our coffee lovers, we recommend the 20 oz Voyager Tumbler with a flip lid:

      And for our water drinkers, we recommend the 20 oz Voyager Tumbler with a straw lid: 


      Check out all custom Tumbler designs!

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      Fall Favorites

      Fall Favorites

      It’s that time of the year when the days get shorter and the leaves begin to change from green to alluring shades of crimson, orange, and gold. With the cold, crisp days of Fall approaching, hot beverages take on a new meaning. Welcome the changing of seasons with delicious holiday favorites such as spiced apple cider, hot cocoa topped with fluffy marshmallows, and cinnamon eggnog. No matter the drink, Mira products help ensure that your drink stays hot for hours so you can savor every sip. 

      To ensure optimal freshness, all of our insulated products are made from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel. Our unique MiraGuard technology maintains inside temperatures and provides a condensation-free exterior. If you’re looking for the perfect travel mug this season, look no further as all of the following travel mugs keep drinks hot for 4 hours or cold for 8 hours and are leak proof. The 16 oz Trek Mug has a one handed squeeze feature that opens the lid and has a mouth opening that provides a smooth flow. The 20 oz Pioneer Mug has a sturdy handle that is designed for your hands comfort. For quick fills and convenient sipping, the mug has a wide mouth flip-lid with a lip indent. The Quest Mug (12 oz, 16 oz) has the same flip-lid, but does not have a handle as its slim design makes it easy to hold. To prevent the insulated mug from sliding and tipping over, there is a rubber insole on the bottom of the mug. 

      The 40 oz Coffee Server is absolutely awesome for fall festivities. Whether you're hosting a fall brunch or having a picnic after apple picking, your insulated carafe is the best beverage companion. The carafe keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours for all day freshness. For smooth pouring, simply hold the cool touch handle and push the lever down. The lid can be easily inserted or removed by pushing the buttons on the lid. With its large capacity, the carafe is great for gatherings with friends and family. 

      During the upcoming chill days, take time to unwind and relax by sipping on soothing tea. The 18 oz Nomad Tea Mug has everything you could look for in a tea mug. Easily make loose leaf tea, bagged tea, or fruit infused water with the mugs removable 2-piece stainless steel mesh filter basket. Simply add tea or fruit to the enclosed filter basket, steep, and enjoy! When you are done steeping tea or infusing fruit, remove the filter basket with ease by lifting the handle on the basket. With the filter basket removed, the leak proof mug also doubles as a water bottle.

      For outdoor enthusiasts, the 34 oz Wide Mouth Thermos is terrific to travel with and keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. The leak proof thermos includes an adjustable shoulder strap and an attached carry handle for safe and convenient transport. Use this sleek and sturdy flask while camping, hiking, biking, or while at work. With design in mind, the lid doubles as a drinking cup so that you don’t need to carry any extra weight.

      From indulging in your favorite holiday drinks to snuggling up with a cozy blanket while watching the leaves change colors, there are many reasons to look forward to fall. As the cooler weather moves in, we hope this season brings more warmth and joy into your life. Stay warm and stylish throughout all your autumn adventures with your fall product by your side! 

      Back to School Essentials

      Back to School Essentials


      It’s that time of the year again! Packing school meals can be easy, healthy, and even more delicious than eating out. We’ve hand selected products to help make packing on-the-go meals a super simple task. Whether you’re a college student or a parent, this guide can help point you in the right direction.

      1. Elementary School

      back to school elementary school

      It’s time to give your kid a break from ordinary PB&J’s. With an insulated food jar, your little one can enjoy hot and tasty meals during lunch. Mira jars keep food hot for up to 5 hours or cold for up to 10 hours so meals can be enjoyed at just the right temperature. Fill up their 13.5 oz food jar with steaming hot soup, pasta, rice and more. For those with smaller appetites or for snacks, the 9 oz food jar is a great option. Made from 18/8 high-grade stainless steel, foods stay fresh for hours and cleaning the jar is a breeze. Pack the leak-proof food jar in backpacks or lunch boxes without worrying about spills or leaks. Mira food jars also come in various colors so your kid can pick the color of their choice!

      If your kid enjoys a beverage in the morning, our thermos flask is exactly what they need. Send your kid to school with warm milk or cold juice. The insulated thermos will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours so they can enjoy their drink throughout the day or fill their thermos with water later on in the day. The stylish 12 oz cascade and the sporty 12 oz sierra water bottles keep drinks insulated for the same amount of time and are just the right size for little hands. Whether your kid is playing tag during recess or at soccer practice, the 12 oz sierra is the best hydration companion. The quick release cap and carry handle are perfect for quick sips.

      2. High School

      back to school high school

      For growing teens, good nutrition is key. Our 17 oz food jar has all the same great features as our other food jars, and includes a foldable spoon that fits inside the lid. Pack healthy and tasty meals with the Mira food jar that fits nicely in backpacks and lunch boxes.

      Stay hydrated throughout the day with our ridge bottle that keeps drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. The straw lid and carry handle makes it easy to use the bottle on all daily adventures during or after school.

      Our stylish 20 oz tumblers are also ideal for taking beverages to school. The insulated tumbler includes 2 different lids for hot or cold drinks. The silicone straw is ideal for cold drinks and is comfortable to sip from. Use the flip lid for hot drinks such as soothing tea or chai lattes. 

      3. College

      back to school guide for college students

      Get a bottle that works as hard as you do. Whether you’re off to class or headed to the gym, the sierra spout lid bottle is there to keep you hydrated through it all. This bottle has all of the benefits of our other insulated water bottles and fits perfectly in backpack cup holders or in your bag.

      Sometimes you need a little extra energy in the morning from all of the studying the day before. For those of you who love coffee, try our travel mugs that are insulated and leak proof. If you love tea, our tea infuser travel mug is as good as it gets. In addition to being sleek and stylish, our insulated tea infuser mug includes a steeper for loose or bagged tea so you can get all the goodness without any of the mess. The flip-lid on this leak-proof mug is great for hot or cold drinks. If you prefer to have the option of having 2 different lids, our insulated tumbler includes a straw lid and a flip lid for hot or cold drinks.

      After a long week of studying it’s nice to take a break with some grape juice. Our insulated wine cups display beautifully and keep drinks cold for hours. The wine cups also come with a splash-proof tritan lid so you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink.


      New Year’s Resolution

      New Year’s Resolution

      Mira has experienced many exciting changes this past year. From new partnerships to new products, 2018 was full of amazing growth. One of the greatest highlights of 2018 was the amount of love and support we received from our Instagram community. With over 2K followers (and counting!), we are filled with gratitude to see our social media community buzz with passion about our brand. Seeing your enthusiasm for our brand in the form of likes, comments, tweets, and shares online is thrilling. We look forward to the year ahead and hope that you continue to share your #MiraFun adventures with us!

      For the new year, we asked our Instagram followers important goals they set out to achieve in 2019. The top New Year’s Resolution was to drink more water, we hope this helps:

      #1 New Year’s Resolution: Drink More Water

      Drinking enough water is a simple, yet effective way to improve your overall health. Some of the most popular health benefits associated with drinking enough water includes: boosted energy levels, lowered stress, nourished skin, good digestion, and the reduction of kidney stones. There is no scientific recommendation for how much water you should consume. The amount of water you need depends on your individual needs and circumstances.

      If you would like to increase your daily water intake, there are a few easy steps you can take. The first step you can take towards proper hydration is using a reusable water bottle. A reusable water is a terrific way to keep track of your hydration. You can keep track of your intake by calculating the the capacity of your water bottle by how many times a day you fill up your bottle. You can choose the right bottle for you by determining your daily hydration needs.

      Mira offers a wide selection of bottles in various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns to help you find the bottle(s) perfect for you! Once you’ve chosen the bottle of your dreams, carry it around with you and drink water wherever you go.

      Another important step towards proper hydration is swapping all of your beverages with water. Rather than drinking unhealthy, sugary beverages, try only drinking water throughout the day. Another great tip is to drink water with every snack or meal you have to ensure you’re getting enough water.

      With a reusable water bottle, drinking enough water is so much more possible. It’s also better for your health, your wallet, and the environment!  

      Gift Guide

      Gift Guide

      Looking for the perfect gift? We've categorized some of our most popular and favorite products into 4 categories. Explore through our categories of style, adventure, travel, and leisure to find just what you're looking for! Click here to view our Gift Guide.