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      New Year Wellness Tea

      New Year Wellness Tea

      Ready to kick off the new year with a tea that fits your health-conscious goals! We have an excellent ginger gogi berry tea recipe that will satisfy you on the cold winter days. Use our handle mug to keep your drink hot all morning long.  This recipe include immune boosting ingredients perfect for this time of year. Add your favorite energizing powder, like maca powder, to boost energy. We hope you enjoy!

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      Witches Brew Cocktail

      Witches Brew Cocktail

      Halloween is just around the corner. Celebrate with a holiday drink recipe that will impress your guests. Serve your cocktails in our lowball cocktail glasses to keep them cold all night long. Dry ice will give your cocktail a spooky effect, but you can omit. 



      • 1 ½ ounces* Midori
      • 1 ½ ounces Triple Sec
      • 1 ounce fresh lemon juice
      • For the garnish: 1 small dry ice cube**, cocktail cherry


      1. Make the drink: Add the Triple Sec, Cointreau and lemon juice to a cocktail mixing glass (or cocktail shaker). Add 2 handfuls regular ice cubes and stir until cold. Strain the drink into our lowball cocktail glasses . Garnish with a cherry


      2. Break the dry ice into 1-inch chunks : Do this as close to the time you’ll be serving the drinks as possible, though you can buy the dry ice a few hours in advance. Start by dropping the plastic bag with the dry ice on the ground several times to allow it break into large chunks. Remember never to touch the dry ice with your bare hands! Put on goggles and gloves. Use a chisel to break the dry ice into smaller pieces using a screwdriver or ice pick. The ideal size is 1/2-inch to 1-inch chunks that are large enough to sink to the bottom of the drink, but small enough to disappear in a few minutes. Wrap the small chunks in a towel and place them in a cooler with the top off until you’re ready to serve the drinks. Do not place the dry ice in the freezer

      3. Add the dry ice: Using tongs (do not touch the dry ice!), add a 1/2-inch to 1-inch chunk of dry ice to the glass, which will sink to the bottom and immediately make a smoking effect. The ice cube will disappear in about 5 minutes. Do not drink the dry ice! Wait until the cube disappears before enjoying your drink (or you can take sips with the dry ice in the bottom). Review these Dry Ice Handling Instructions.


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      Lunches To Go

      Lunches To Go

      Lunches on the go just got 100x better.  Whether you're packing lunches for school or work, we've got the lunch boxes for you. With bento style boxes as well as stackable sets, you'll find something you need. Below is our favorite turkey roll up recipe! These turkey roll up's are a Costco copycat.


      Our Bento-style Lunch Box

      Turkey Roll Up

      Recipe inspired from Culinary Hill


      1. 8 oz of cream cheese, softened
      2. 8 flour tortillas
      3. 1/2 head of romaine
      4. 16 slices of turkey
      5. 16 slices of swiss
      6. 2 medium roma tomatoes


      1. In a small bowl add cream cheese
      2.  Lay one tortilla flat on a cutting board and spread a generous amount of cream on the entire tortilla.
      3. Layer a few pieces of lettuce in the middle
      4. Layer 2 slices of turkey and 4 pieces of cheese. 
      5. Top with slices of tomato
      6. Roll tortilla tightly towards the cream cheese. Continue rolling until the filling is tightly wrapped and the cream cheese holds it together.
      7. Continue with the rest of the wraps
      8. Wrap rollup tightly in plastic wrap
      9. Store wraps in the fridge, and to serve trim any unfilled ends away. Slice each tortilla into equal pieces.

      Serve these with any to go lunch. These rollups are perfect for you and your kids! 




      Back To School Lunch Time Essentials

      Back To School Lunch Time Essentials

      Woo Hoo! Back To School is here. Packing your kids lunches have never been so fun. Mira has got you covered with a variety of lunch essentials. We’ve hand selected our favorite products to help make lunch prep easy! 

      1. Lunch Box with Dividers

      Pack your kids a fun lunch with a sandwich, fruit and veggies.  We love to pair a turkey sandwich with some mixed berries and carrots. This easy lunch for back to school is perfect for any on-the-go parent!


      2. Food Jars

      For the kids that love your left overs! Pack them their favorite hot foods like soups or pasta in our food jars. With so many sizes and colors available, you can find the perfect one for your children. 



      back to school shopping list

      Back To School Shopping List 2021 Edition 1

      Woo Hoo! Back To School Shopping Season is here! Maybe your kids missed out on the shopping when schools went virtual. Well this year, things are about to change!  We’ve hand selected our favorite products to help make back to school shopping simple. No matter the age your kids are, this guide can help point you in the right direction.

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