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      Android Devices

      Your Android device should have Bluetooth 4.0 or BTLE. Please check the specifications for your device.

      • Step 1. On your device, Search for “Healthy Management” in the App Store and install the app.Or use below link to get to the app directly and install it:
      • CLICK HERE to go to Healthy Management App in Play Store
      • Step 2. On your device, Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth if not already turned on.
      • Step 3.Run the Healthy Management App. With the scale on a hard floor, step on the scale to measure your weight. The app will ask for a pairing code. Please enter “0000” (four zeros without any spaces).
      • Step4. When measuring, the scale will lock on your weight and send data to the App. A bluetooth icon indicates the connection status to your device.
      • Step 5. Once your device receives the data, a pop up will come up on your device with “New Data received. Do you want to save it?”. Click yes and Save the data.
      • You can manage multiple users in the app. When new data is received, the app will ask to select the user to save the information to.

      Please contact us via email at if you have any trouble with the app or the scale.