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MIRA Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Car Mug | Leak & Spill Proof, Easy to Clean Lid | Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Coffee & Tea Mug Keeps Hot or Cold for Hours | 12 Oz (350 ml) | Blue

  • $ 1295

Stainless Steel, Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated: The MIRA travel car mug keeps your favorite beverages piping hot for 6 hours or frosty cold for 10 hours. No more lukewarm coffee during your commute to work. Your caramel latte, macchiato, hot tea or any other beverage will remain fresh and delicious all the way to the last drop.

Durable, Easy Clean, No Odors: Stainless steel makes the insulated travel mug a cinch to clean. A quick wash at the sink will dispose of any residue and leave your travel mug fresh and ready for your next beverage. This includes the lid; unlike other coffee mug lids, the MIRA car mug lid comes apart for complete and easy cleaning. The entirety of the lid can be cleaned so no coffee or milk deposits remains, which means no odors at all.

Reusable, Unbreakable: A more eco-friendly option than paper coffee cups or plastic water bottles, the double wall insulated car mug helps to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping all your beverage fresh and tasty. The durable design allows for the mug to be accidentally knocked over without causing a disaster.

Versatile: The practical use of this mug extends way beyond your car. Fill it with your favorite hot or cold beverage and keep it on your desk at work, take it with you to a weekend sporting event, use it to stay hydrated during a hike or even to keep your cocoa warm while watching old movies at home. No matter what beverage you prefer, coffee, tea, water, soda or juice, hot drinks will stay steaming for 6 hours and chilled liquids will stay cool for 10 hours.

Sleek Design: A perfect fit in your cars cup-holder and is easy to hold, the car mug is designed with comfort of use in mind. An easy to use lid makes drinking in stop-n-go traffic a cinch; say goodbye to coffee spills. The 12 oz (360 ml) capacity will keep you satiated and hydrated throughout your commute. The wide mouth is designed for easy filling and drinking.

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