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MIRA Brand products for the home include sleek and functional scales for the kitchen for all your food measuring needs. Learn More
Slim, sleek, accurate bathroom and body fat scales. All our scales are auto-on and have a large lighted display that is visible any time of the day. Learn More
No more excess baggage fees when you fly. Measure your bags before you check in. Our luggage scales are compact, lightweight and accurate. Learn More
Reusable, waste-free, snack boxes! Stainless steel containers with BPA free lids. Ideal for snacks, lunches, storage of left overs.Learn More

What Clients Say

I highly recommend this scale. Elegant, well designed, practical. I had a question and emailed the manufacturer, who sent a thoughtful and helpful response. Both the scale and the company behind it have been a pleasure to interact with.
It is as accurate as weighing machines can be. If I weigh myself in quick succession, the machine always says the same weight. It can even pick up on slight differences in the weight of clothes etc. Our weight fluctuates depending on the food and water intake each day, so take that into account as your weight does fluctuate a little during the course of the day.
The tare was perfect! One thing that was major for me is that when you set a 500gm weight on the scale and it says: “500gms” WOW